Why Exhibit?

Visibility and Exposure

AIMX is a platform that allows you to showcase your products, services, research and solutions. Reach potential partners, customers and investors in a unique opportunity to generate interest on how your offerings can be beneficial to the industry.

Demonstrate Thought Leadership and Expertise

Gain credibility and recognition among your clients and the network. Showcase your knowledge and establish yourself and your organisation as a trusted organisation through presentations, demonstrations, or interactive sessions.

Partnership and Investment Opportunities

Meet with potential partners, collaborators, and investors. Engage in discussions, pitch ideas, share goals, establish partnerships, work on projects and explore opportunities to build the next generation of Artificial Intelligence together.

Product Launch and Promotion

Generate buzz, build a network and showcase your features and benefits of your offering to a relevant audience. Engage directly with customers and gather some information for a successful product launch

Who Should Exhibit?

AI Companies or Startups

If you are an established AI companies and innovative startups that develop AI technologies, products, and services

Research Institutions

Academic institutions and research organizations involved in cutting-edge AI research, development, and projects to showcasing your latest developments.

Technology Providers

Calling Technology Providers that have AI-related infrastructure, hardware, software frameworks, cloud computing services, and AI development tools.

Industry-Specific AI Applications

If you specialize in AI solutions for specific industries, such as healthcare, finance, automotive, agriculture, education, and manufacturing that can transform the industry.

AI welfare organisations

Calling Non-profits focused on AI ethics safety, and responsible AI practices can educate the public on the ethical implications of AI and advocate for safe AI development.

AI Consultants

Companies that offer AI consulting services, AI implementation, and AI integration solutions.

AI Educators

Institutions and organisations that provide AI education, training, and certification programs can offer insights into the growing importance of AI skills in the job market

AI Practitioners

Organisations that help bridge AI theories to provide practical solutions and can meet business challenges in a digital era.

AIMX Available Booth Spaces.

9sqm 3m by 3m

Column Fascia X1
Panel Print X2
Long Arm Spotlight X2
0.76m (H) Counter X1
Chair X2
13amp Powerpoint X1

18sqm 6m by 3m

Column Fascia X2
Panel Print X4
Long Arm Spotlight X4
0.76m (H) Counter X2
Chair X4
13amp Powerpoint X2